First Impression Home Staging & Interior Design, LLC offers many services to improve the appearance of your home.  We offer color consultations, home staging consultations, vacant property staging and open house preparation for  homes in the Metro-Detroit area.  For those clients who are not planning to sell their home but would like to improve the appearance of their interiors, we also offer interior redesign services. 

Home Staging Consultation

The goal of a home staging consultation is to give objective advice on how best to prepare the interior and exterior of your home for a showing and attract the most potential buyers.  A professional home stager will walk through your home to give an objective opinion on how to repackage your home into a marketable product.

Goals of the consultation:

  • Discuss the moving plan and goals with the homeowner
  • Conduct a walk-though of each room with the homeowner
  • Assist in carrying out this plan by providing a check-list for each room
  • Provide advice on curb appeal, decluttering, furniture placement, traffic flow, lighting, and more
  • Provide paint color suggestions
  • Rearrange part of a room to show an example of partial staging
  • List of qualified trades who can assist in making changes (i.e.: painters, carpenters, etc.)
  • Advising on how to present the home during showings 
  • Help the homeowner create an Action Plan

Consultations are up to 2 hours.  Please Contact us for more information.

Owner-Occupied Home Staging

After a detailed home staging consultation, the homeowner may decide to carry out the Action Plan by themselves.  Or, we could take the stress out of home staging by implementing the changes to create a show-ready home.

Services for owner-occupied staging:

  • Decluttering, removing home odors, fixing traffic flow issues
  • Shopping for and placing accessories that best compliment the home
  • If necessary, working with a rental furniture company to add furniture to rooms
  • Shopping for and hanging wall art
  • Shopping for accessories such as pillows, bedding, window treatments, etc.
  • Providing wall color recommendations
  • If necessary, working with movers and storage companies to create a well-managed space

Vacant Home Staging

During our home staging consultation, we will evaluate each room to the appropriate furnishings and accessories for each room.  Staging every room in the home is important because buyers will want to have a perspective on what furniture and accessories look like in a room. 

Why it's important to furnish/accessorize vacant homes:

  • Rooms without furniture seem cold and empty and therefore, buyers have a tough time placing themselves in the home
  • Little flaws in the home appear more obvious without furniture, wall hangings, etc. 
  • Rooms appear smaller than they actually are without the presence of furniture
  • Nothing smells like desperation quite like an empty house

Our services for vacant homes include:

  • Working with a high-quality and affordable furniture rental supplier to provide furnishings
  • Selecting appropriate furnishings for the home
  • Shopping for and selecting accessories that compliment the interior space
  • Waiting for the furniture delivery and placing the items
  • Selecting and hanging artwork
  • If needed, we will meet the furniture rental company for pick-up after the home is sold

Redesign Services

After a detailed consultation, we will recommend and implement changes to create a more pleasing space for the existing home ower.

Redesign Services Include:

  • Decluttering 
  • Shopping for and  placing accessories that compliment the existing interior
  • Making wall color recommendations
  • Placing furniture and wall art
  • Shopping for new furniture (if necessary) to compliment the existing furniture pieces